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Bigger, Brighter & Tighter NUGS!


Ever heard the saying, you are what you eat? Well the same goes for nature and to get the best possible results we ALWAYS use a secret organic Compost tea when growing our hybrids to produce the highest quality seeds...this ensures you are recieving a product with superior vigour.


CMC uses a Critically balanced blend of high-nitrogen ingredients, leafy greens and woody material. This is steeped in de-chlorinated and constantly aerated water which kills off all harmful pathogens and the end result is a powerful AACT (Actively Aerated Compost Tea) that delivers all of the beneficial microorganisms that cannabis plants need to not only thrive, but flourish. It's so effective because it feeds the plant directly, efficiently and in the best format for them; a liquid.


CriticalLee advises some research into utilising how important these little touches make when it comes to both yield and quality of buds and we are proud to endorse a great App by Humboldt Earth Tech: The Compost Tea Calculator!!

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