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Genetics: Purple Dawg Mass x Auto Gorilla Glue #4

Sex: Feminized

​Outdoor yield: Approx 140-170g/per plant

Indoor yield: Approx 600g/m2

Seed to flower: Approx 70 days

Height: Approx 120cm

​THC: 20-22%


Our original Purple Dawg was the result of our beloved mother strain Monster Mass, a sweet, musky Lavender and a fuel focused Purple Chemdawg. This monster yielding, ultra vigorous hybrid has since become one of our biggest sellers and we have, over the past few years, dedicated multiple ongoing projects into further hybridizing its lineage. The rare, highly prized and heavily hunted "Dawg Shit" pheno in the original strain has been isolated and used in all our new and future CMC Dawg strains. This special pheno, Coveted for its overpoweringly noxious aroma and taste,ensures plants reek of chemical dipped grapes, pungent kush, and rotten fruit with most examples emitting strong concentrated ammonia, vomit and fresh dog shit during flowering and even after cure.


In 2014, Joesy Whales and Lone Watty released their globally recognized hybrid Gorilla Glue#4 - the result of an accidental cross pollination of Chem Sister with a Sour Diesel/Chem Dub hybrid. Famed for its abundant, over-productive trichomes and high average THC range, it was a perfect choice to add to our pungent Purple Dawg, creating an ultra-sticky, super-stinky bitch with colossal strength.

Auto Purple Gorilla Dawg

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