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Genetics: Monster Mass x Lavender x Afghani Skunk
Sex: Feminized.
Outdoor yield: Approx 850g/per plant
Indoor yield: Approx 600-700g/m2
Outdoor flowering period: Late September/Early October
Indoor flowering period: Approx 55-60 days
THC: 20-22%

Purple Skunk MASS

  • 80% of phenotypes are tall and slender with a typical Sativa growth pattern, producing superbly accelerated Monster Mass production with 20% slightly slower to flower,shorter and with the purple coloration but still maintaining the notably impressive yields. Growing with a very characteristic fir profile ensures that all the buds finish bright and resinous stinking of sweet grape and musky lavender. As with the Monster Mass this plant will maximize its yield by FIMing the specimens early on when growing indoor, pinching out rather than cutting and combining this with necessary low stress training techniques (LST). Critical Lee cannot condone these crop maximizing methods enough but they do take practice to get right. The strain exhibits heavy lateral branching and numerous flowering internodes on which dense clusters of deeply flavorsome buds are produced, rock hard and super resinous. This strain exudes a very high odor during flowering meaning carbon filters are ideal as it can make the air thick and hard to breathe in a humid indoor situation.

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